Description of farm

     Welcome to the internet-site of AGRONOM-PLANT. On this site we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

     The AGRONOM-PLANT is fruit and nursery farm which was founded in 1988. It is situated in eastern part of Poland in the Lublin voivodeship (map).

     We specialize in the production of soft fruit and plant material. We own light, sandy soil which is perfect for the production of strawberry plants. Our crop both fruit production and nursery is irrigated, which enables us to obtain high quality production.

     Strawberries are our priority and they are the biggest part of our fruit sale. We concentrate mainly on fresh fruit production among which 'Elsanta' dominates. We produce strawberries for earlier, traditional as well as late summer and autumn (repeat flowering varieties) harvest. Some part of the production is intended for industry.

     'Polana' dominates in raspberry crop. We also have 'Willamette' and 'Polka' plantations. Among other species we produce blackcurrant and hazelnuts.

     Plant production is a very important branch of our activity. The main species here are the strawberry. We produce fresh and frigo plants.

     Moreover, we produce raspberry and blackcurrant plants.

     Our experience and high quality of our work have been already appreciated by fruit processing plant and nursery companies. We also have regular customers in Poland and abroad (such as Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy).
     We have our own cold storages, professional equipment and all essential base thanks to which we are able to guarantee high quality.
     Clear ecological 'Podlasie' region where we run our activity is our big advantage. We gradually increase our production and we look forward to cooperating with new clients.

     We are pioneers in this area and we have a long-standing experience. Nowadays we can produce fruit and nursery material which perfectly satisfy the customers' requirements.

Paweł i Marta D±browscy

We have light, sandy soil which is ideal for production of strawberry plant.
Our crops are irrigated with sprinklers ... ... and irrigate machines.
Fertilization based on soil and plant material analysis, careful nurturing and proper plant protection all give great results.